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Guillermo Prego
Awesome place for sushi. You can sit at the bar and choose sushi plates from there floating river or simply sit at a table and choose from the menu. If you sit at the bar and like something, the sushi chefs can prepare you a whole roll. Their original Blue Ginger restaurant in Sheridan Plaza just west of I-75 is also awesome.

Mike Smith
This place is great! Amazing cleanliness and excellent drinks! I tried the mango mojito and it was amazing. I read a review below about someone saying the mango mojito tasted like orange juice. That person must be using drugs to not know the difference between mango and oranges. The steak at blue ginger is amazing! I love this place, the energy of the environment, the attentiveness of the managers, the freshness of the sushi and the hilarious hibachi chefs. I give this place 5 stars. This place is for you if your a happy going person. It's amazing to see how miserable people complain about such good things. I recommend this restaurant.

Miguel Perez
Excellent good. Very flavorful and abundant portions. The hibachi is the way to go. Bump into our regular waitress from a prior location. Coming back soon.

Cola Travis
Went here for Mother's day, loved the atmosphere the food is AMAZING,the service is a little rough around the edges but they are very accommodating Loved it! Food did not take long to come, it was hot and ready when received

Ciro Marrero
Good food good service will definitely go back

Gallina Liger
Food was excellent, great entertainment

Crystal C
The best restaurant in the West!

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Vianka A.
Food is art and this place is where I come to experience the masterpiece that is food. The servers are the best and friendliest. The sushi chefs are very creative in their presentations and the food is always very fresh. I know that this Blue Ginger in Miramar is associated with the location on Sheridan but I have to tell you that this location in Miramar is quite special and unique all by itself. I'll keep coming back over and over again, whether it's for thehibachi tables or the sushi boats they have my undying devotion. This is the place for me.

Selene T.
Loved this place, a great alternative to Benihana.
Came in during the soft opening, and they were pretty empty still. So we got a Hibachi table & chef all to ourselves. The show was fun, the chef had lots of energy and was talkative. We had a couple of special requests and he was great at meeting them (we requested no butter, no egg).

I had the green iced tea, and my husband had a soft drink, both were good, however, if you consume alcohol, they have 2-3 pages of specialty drinks, variety for everyone! We ordered the Age Tofu as an appetizer, they use the soft (silken) tofu and if you know about tofu, you know it is much better if they used Firm or Extra Firm tofu. Because of this, they do not offer a tofu option as part of the hibachi meal. :(

The clear soup and the ginger salad salad were both brought out together, at most hibachi places they are brought out one at a time. I guess they want to go fast. HEADS UP for vegans or people with egg allergies, the ginger dressing on the salad is made with Mayo!!! The rice and veggies were tasty, the chef added teriyaki sauce to the rice since we requested no eggs, and that was nice of him :)

We did find a shrimp tail in one of our meals... We spoke to the manager about it, luckily neither one of us has a shellfish allergy. They were very apologetic and offered to make it up to us with a free dessert.

SUSHI BOAT TRAIN!! There is a sushi boat train, we'll try that next time, it starts at 5 pm and we got there at 4:30 :( but I did get some pictures on our way out for you guys. The only thing that they can improve on here is that the prices for the sushi train are far way and if you don't have good eyesight you might not be able to know how much your sushi bill will be!

Overall this place has great promise, the food is fresh and tasty, the staff is attentive and courteous. We'll definitely be back to try out the sushi.

Greg F.
Finally Blue Ginger is open! I must tell you was that it was truly worth the wait! It's Beautiful on the inside, very tastefully done!

Our server was the most charming, upbeat, genuine and fantastic server that we have had anywhere in a long time! Her name is Alicia... Be sure to ask for her, she made a good experience, great. It was moderately busy for a Monday night having just opened three days prior. It has least 14 Hibachi Tables, Private Dining area and the coolest "Floating" Sushi Bar Ever! Sensory overload for the eyes and the palate.

It is hard to impress my girlfriend with Thai food as she used to own a Thai restaurant but she even commented on how good the Pad Thai was!

We both had soup and salads but I opted for the filet mignon and lobster tail from the hibachi although we did not sit at the hibachi. Holy freaking delicious! You know how everybody gives you those weenie little lobster tails... Well not here, it was beyond plentiful and satisfying for a lobster lover! I asked for my filet mignon medium rare and they nailed it! So juicy, so succulent! It came with the usual yummy fried rice, veggies and shrimp accoutrements and then for dessert we split an order of Thai donuts which were beyond perfection.

We will definitely be back many times to this Culinary Wonderland.

And thank you again to the wonderful staff Alicia, Jack, Lisa and Steven!

Miso soup and salad
Miso soup and salad
Sushi Bar with rotational boats
Sushi Bar with rotational boats
Pad Thai

Sammi T.
LOVED this place. Every food dish we got was very good. The chef doing hibachi was funny and a great cook. Steak was cooked perfect. Atmosphere is lively and welcoming. Staff was friendly. The only negative comment I have is do not sit at the two seats at the end of hibachi table. You have to get up and move your chair for the chef to come by with the cart of food- design flaw much? Otherwise everything was up to par and cooked to perfection.

Andrea C.
The food here is very good. I ordered this coconut shrimp tempura to go and it was fantastic. They gave me eel sauce which I love- it's like the hostess read my mind. And the bar is like none other I have seen before. It moves around in a circle with a selection of food to try out. If you have an appetite and aren't picky, then it's great way to easily try something new fast. I look forward to trying thehibachi table soon.

Shaniece S.
I went to blue ginger around 6:30pm the first week they opened and I have to say service was awesome and the food was excellent! They offer a full bar and let me tell you the drinks were not watered down or weak. We decided to sit at the hibachi table since this location offered that service. We ordered the hibachi salmon and shrimp along with a couple sushi rolls. Everything we ordered was fresh and seasoned perfectly. The hibachi portion size was more than enough and we all left the restaurant full. They also offer lunch specials so I will definitely be coming back. Wonderful experience! This place gets 5 stars!

I visited the newly opened restaurant today. I'm a regular at Blue Ginger by Sheridan and so I was looking forward to the new place. Let me begin by saying that the restaurant is beautifully done. My family and I arrived around 5:45, there were a good amount of patrons at the bar, the tables, and a few of the hibachi tables were in use. We were immediately seated. After reading so many negative comments about the service we were prepared for the worst. In our case service could not have been better. as for the food, we had a few plates off the boats and ordered our meals off the hibachi menu. We were a party of 6 and had several different options. The filet, lobster, shrimp, and chicken were all cooked well, the food is fresh and tasty. Our chef was pretty funny. One of my dining companions had this to say "Not as good as Samurai, but so much better than Benihana up the street". The rest of us agreed. We also agreed that we will all definitely go back.

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We went on Saturday night and were seated immediately though they were packed. Our waitress Susan was super attentive and on top our table 100%. I had the blue ginger punch (not too sweet) and our table shared the garlic edamame which was addicting, We had the coco shrimp roll- was really good, had the white tuna & king crab roll (my fav of the 3 and I forgot the name) and we had the roll with eel on top and mango on the inside (similar to rainbow roll- again forgot the name. Everything was fresh, delicious and service was great. Next time we come we will definitely sit and eat at the bar! They have the little conveyer belt pulling samples of different rolls. We almost switched our table for that but decided we would try it on our next visit, and an excuse to come back!

Bobby G Hollywood
We came here for dinner and had a great time. We had a great time trying different sushi and trying a few different beers. We really enjoyed the restaurant and found the experience to be a lot of fun and we are already planning on coming back soon.

This was a very pleasant experience. The staff was friendly & attentive. A large selection of choices & combinations. I love it when I can sample a variety of different food choices. The " lunch box" offers this & I enjoyed myself. The salad dressing on a very crisp salad was delicious. I will have to return because there were still items I wanted to try.

visited this location 5/14/2016. Greeted by friendly hostess. The wait wasn't long as it was early - around 6:30 pm- did the hibachi table- we had two other people with us not from our group. So if you want the entire table to yourself make sure you have 8 people. Although we saw just three people at one table. The chef was very interactive and friendly. Food was good. Price was outstanding actually thought it would be more- has a glass of wine and it was $6! would go back. Noticed they had a rotation sushi bar with conveyor belt. Also, there is the option to sit at a regular table.

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